Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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I have such a huge mental block when it comes to treadmills it's ridiculous. I swear, it's 10 times harder for me to run on a treadmill than run outside. I think that makes me weird, because I always hear from other people that they find running on treadmills easier and have a tough time going the same speed outside as they do on the machine. Well not me! Give me a run outside any day over the stupid treadmill!

Today I completely messed up my workout schedule. I was supposed to hit up a Mysore class at 6am this morning, and then hit the 'mill for 4 miles after work. Failure number one was sleeping in and completely missing Mysore. Oops! To make up for it, I went to an hour long yoga class at the gym instead. That was good, but it's pretty hard to run 4 miles after you've spent an hour getting hot, sweaty, and limber - and you already hate the treadmill. Failure number two was only running 1.5 miles on the 'mill after yoga (1.5 miles at 1.0 incline and 8.0 speed - with a .25 walk at 1.0 incline and 4.0 speed). No where close to the 4 miles I was supposed to put in. Argh!

I need to start holding myself accountable to the workout plans I make and not slack off so much! I also need to actually come up with a formal training plan for the marathon in May - which is less than 4 months away! Ack!

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