Friday, January 1, 2010

About the Runner

Hi there! I'm Becca, a 24-year-old college graduate trying to make her way in the adult world. I live in Spokane, Washington, with the love of my life (soon to be my husband!) and my pet fish. I work full time, am finishing up a Masters degree, and am also getting my yoga teaching certification on weekends - and boy do those things make my social life suck! :D Besides being super active I love reading books, drinking wine, watching reality tv, and taking long naps - that's how exhausting life is these days!

Basically I'm the coolest person ever.

So what's this blog all about anyway?

Well, long story short, I've been running since I joined my junior high cross country team in 7th grade, and I love it! The best feeling in the world is beating a PR, crossing the finish line of a race, and having people cheering for you. I took a break from running in college to pursue a different sport at the Division I level, but now I'm back and better than ever and making up for lost time! It's been fun reconnecting with the beloved sport I left behind and pushing myself to improve.

So obviously, all this means that it's time to set my sights on the ultimate race - the mecca of American running - the end all be all of competitive races: the Boston Marathon. My goal for 2010 is to qualify for the 2011 Boston Marathon that will take place in April, 2011. To qualify, I need to run a 3 hour, 40 minute marathon (26.2 miles) on a certified course at some point in the next year.

So are you ready to join me on this journey to every runner's dream? Follow along as I run, stretch, and train my way to Boston in 2011. You can also send me an email at if you want!

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