Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A sweaty evening of Mysore

I utterly failed at getting up this morning (which is not unusual, as those who know me offline know!) and thus didn't make it to my morning yoga class today. Instead of having a led 75 minute class this morning, I went to a Mysore class at 5:15 and stayed for about 90 minutes. I doubled the number of Surya Namaskar A's and B's because I knew I would only be doing half of the Primary Series, and then went through the flow to Navasana (4 times), and concluded with a really long Savasana - exactly what I needed by the end of class!

My workout schedule for the week is still a little messed up, but I just don't have the energy for any speed pieces tonight. *sigh* I really wanted to be sure I had 2 days off of running before doing my first long run of marathon training, but it looks like I'll have to cut it to one and do my pieces tomorrow. The sacrifices we make for training!

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