Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abysmal Long Run

Things that contribute to an abysmal long run:
  • Not drinking water. Literally any. Since yesterday afternoon at work.
  • Not setting a route or bringing any sort of device to tell you how long you've run. It doesn't help when you're trying to figure out how fast you're going or how much you've got left.
  • Waking up late. And having a time commitment you have to meet, thus feeling rushed.
  • Already feeling sore. From three hours of yoga less that ended less than 12 hours before you set out.
  • Failing to wear socks that keep your shoes from ripping your feet apart. Basically I just need to get new shoes - my Asics SUCK.
As a result, my 12 mile long run today turned into a slow, dragging 7.86 mile run that took 1:10 to complete. *sigh* Maybe I'll count it as the 6 mile easy run that I skipped earlier this week? I'm completely failing at this whole training plan thing thus far.

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