Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend To Do List

It's going to be a sunny, quiet, but busy weekend at the Craven home this weekend. Quite a few things will be happening, but plenty of relaxation and fun will be as well! On the agenda for the next couple of days:

I'll be teaching 2 yoga classes on Saturday morning, and hopefully attending one myself on Sunday at the Shala. Yoga is such an important part of my weekends these days, and it feels so strange to go a full weekend without attending a class!

The local wholesale bead store is having their annual sale, and I plan to attend on Saturday to see what new products they have in stock and what awesome deals I can score. Love it!

I've got tentative plans to finally see Inception with a friend and see what everyone's been talking about! One of my coworkers tried to talk to me about it today, and I had to stop him before he spoiled anything. It'll be nice to finally know what everyone is talking about!

I'll be participating in another team triathlon on Sunday morning with two of my coworkers. This will be my second year competing in this triathlon, and I was on the winning team in my division last year - I won't lie, I'm hoping for a repeat. We'll see!

Sunday will mark the grand opening of the first cupcake boutique in Spokane at the Garland Street Fair. The shop is owned by a friend of mine, and I can't wait to go eat their delicious red velvet cupcakes and show some support for a locally-owned and -operated bakery!

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