Sunday, August 8, 2010

Races of Sorts

Yesterday I participated in my second triathlon ever, and it was awesome! I didn't do the whole thing myself - I don't have a bike and would be terrible at biking even if I did, and the last time I swam without pool noodles was more than 10 years ago. If you're considering a triathlon but feeling shaky on one or more of the events, then I highly suggest getting a couple of friends together and doing a triathlon relay style!

So anyway, yesterday two of my awesome coworkers joined me at the Coeur d'Alene Triathlon to go the (olympic) distance and see how we measured up against other Inland Northwest ladies. And let me tell you, we measured up pretty darn well! Especially considering my training was limited to a 12k run on Tuesday... and that's really about it... I was super happy with my 10k time of 47:01 (7:34 miles on average). Our team as a whole finished with a stellar time of 2:36:41 - which means that Team Are We There Yet? finished FIRST among the women's relay teams! I'm excited to see what the medal is going to look like - we didn't think we'd won, so we didn't stick around for the awards ceremony - and hopefully we'll get them sent to us soon!

So far I'm two-for-two on triathlon team entries (my first one last year was a sprint triathlon with two friends and we won the corporate cup relay division), so I guess I'm going to have to keep this up! The same team I competed with yesterday is already 99% committed to doing the Troika triathlon - a half Ironman - next August, so watch out for us to own that triathlon, too!

I'll be participating in a sprint triathlon next weekend with another set of coworkers - I'm hoping we take first in that one, too! They're so fun, and such a nice break from the traditional running races. See you at WunderWoman if you're heading out there next weekend!

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